Sunday, February 19, 2012

The many things I've learned from Pinterest

Yeah....I've got about 15 boards on pinterest, all which are pretty developed. Not only am I borderline-addicted to pinterest, but I'm also to the point where I feel like my life would be incomplete without all of the knowledge it yields. For instance, how would I ever live a proper life without knowing every use for WD-40? Granted, a lot of the things are pretty silly and I would probably never use them, but there are also many things that I could really use to make my day-to-day life of being a "housewife" easier. I'll share a couple of things that I've learned and can/will actually put to use in my own home that I think all of you may benefit from too:) {click on the pictures below the descriptions to get to the good stuff!}

This is a great little printable from the blog Life's a Journal by Danielle Bruflodt:

Here's another one that I found via the pin-monster: some great [and easy!] cleaning solutions from Martha Stewart's website that I am definitely going to use for the impending spring cleaning!

A great [and natural!] alternative to shampooing your entire carpet for a single spill from Elizabeth Bryant's blog Lizzy Writes:

Another thing I'd never thought about and would love to try in our new house, courtesy of Alicia Parsons via Atypical Type A is Scrabble magnets...What a cute and kitschy way to organize your to-dos on the fridge!

I always need good budgeting advice to keep myself [and my husband] on track, and I found a great little idea from Today's Nest:

Another great thing I've learned from being directed to Martha Stewart's site via Pinterest is that those things we keep in our kitchen cabinets aren't just for cooking...:

Who doesn't need an organic and eco-friendly alternative to cleaning wipes? I know I do, and thanks to the Pin-monster and its knack for directing me to amazing sites like Hubpages!

I've also learned that the hardware store is a great place to accessorize, thanks to Soccer Mom Style:)

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